Do you allow P2P/Torrenting?

P2P/Torrenting is not permitted on our network.

 Do you log/monitor my activity? What logs do you keep on servers?

No, NADDA Our VPN servers have writing logs to disk disabled, we keep no logs of your activity...

 Does your VPN work in countries that are censoring traffic?

Yes, we have a Stealth Mode for this, please refer to this KB.

 How many devices am I allowed to connect at the same time?

You may connect up to 15 devices with your shared Team.

 What can I do if my ISP blocks my connection to your VPN Service?

We have multiple protocols that you can try, if TCP/UDP 443 doesn't get you through then try...

 Will I receive many emails from you?

You will receive a welcome email when you first signup and any urgent announcements. We will not...

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